Apparently... In Texas a female Senator filibustered a bill that would make abortion clinics illegal. She went on for THIRTEEN HOURS with no rest and kept talking to make sure it doesn't pass. She made the deadline, but the Republicans are saying that she didn't talk till midnight so they decided to vote. They apparently can't tell time because SHE DID made the time!!! sdlfja s;flksjfsd SO MUCH SHIT GOING ON GIRL! And protestors (EVEN ELDERLY!) are being arrested.

WELLLL like…not to stereotype but i can’t say i didn’t expect that. 

though, with the racket going on, and with the fact that the timestamp was apparently 12:02am and thus may be contended/taken down, i hope this won’t last. 

i don’t understand why, it’s not a difficult concept to grasp? you can outlaw it, but if anything the death rates will go up - you’ll be losing the mother and her baby, or just the mother; so much for pro-life??? ughhhh

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